Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Every Relationship Level

Whether you’ve just started dating, you’re a new couple or you’re close to celebrating a wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day is often considered the most romantic day of the year. So, regardless of the relationship stage that best matches you both, this is the perfect time to ensure that the present you choose is the perfect match for your other half. At Deakin & Francis, we understand the importance attached to giving that special someone a gift they’ll cherish for years to come. If you’re unsure of what to buy for Valentine’s Day, take a look at our guide for meaningful gift ideas that will show him or her how much they’re appreciated.

Starting to Date

So this is your first Valentine’s Day together but it’s perhaps a little too soon to refer to them as your ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’. Choosing a gift of any kind can be difficult when you don’t know that much about the person you’ve started dating. Valentine’s Day in particular can be considered to add a certain level of importance to the gift you choose, as it’s associated with romance. One way to take away any pressure is to choose a classic gift that doesn’t require too much prior knowledge about the person you’re dating. Buying a piece of jewellery that features neutral colours ensures that your purchase possesses a timeless quality and is far less likely to be a colour that you later find out your date never really liked! So, if you’re wondering what to get a guy for Valentine’s Day when you’ve not been together long, a black leather bracelet is a traditional option. A single woven bracelet keeps things simple for now but allows you to purchase other pieces of men’s jewellery in future that are more personal and can be stacked together for a unique look. 

Dating for Less than a Year

Now you know more about the person you’re dating and you’re calling them your ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’, you can start to consider more personal Valentine’s Day gifts. A sterling silver lapel pin designed to resemble a sugary treat would be a perfect keepsake gift for a boyfriend with a sweet tooth., whilst a sterling silver bracelet with a rhino emblem would provide a very thoughtful present for a girlfriend who’s an animal lover.

Together More Than One Year

If you’ve been together for over a year, then you’re probably looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that shows your loved one how much faith you have that your future is bright. A pair of everyday cufflinks demonstrate that you are starting to get serious and perhaps attend functions as a couple. Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend may also be seen as an investment at this stage. We recommend considering her birthstone and choosing a pair of sophisticated earrings or an elegant pendant to correspond to this.

Living with your Valentine

When showing your valentine how excited you are to live together, few gifts could come close in sentiment to a sterling silver keyring. Our solid silver keyrings are very high-quality and will enable you to demonstrate to your loved one that this next chapter of your lives is the start of a long-term, rewarding journey as a couple. With a gift this symbolic, it’s strongly advisable to make sure you buy a keyring from a well-established jewellery manufacturer like Deakin & Francis. This way, you can be assured that the item you purchase will be resilient enough to last every bit as long as your commitment. For a keyring that’s more personal, why not choose a keyring design that incorporates her favourite animal? At Deakin & Francis, we value the individual recipient by providing unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas that show how well you know your partner, such as penguin and bumble bee keyrings. If you’re also at the stage of your relationship where you’ve purchased your first car together or your partner recently passed their driving test, our steering wheel cufflinks and matching keyring would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for him, to honour both milestones.


As newlyweds, you’ve recently demonstrated how well you know each other and how much your loved one means to you in front of all your friends and family. So, what could you get your new spouse to show them that you meant every word? Are you the couple that everyone describes as a match made in heaven? If so, then you probably have quite a lot in common. Our sterling silver peapod ring is the perfect way to show your loved one that you’re on the same page about your future. 

Married for Under a Decade

For a personalised Valentine’s Day gift that celebrates your lives as a married couple, our initial cufflinks are the ideal way to show how pleased you are to now share his surname. If you’ve chosen to keep your maiden name but still wish to acknowledge your special day with a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift for him, then our top hat cufflinks will provide a thoughtful reminder of the best day of your life.

Your Wedding Anniversary is on Valentine’s Day

If your wedding anniversary falls on or close to Valentine’s Day, then personalised cufflinks can be engraved to celebrate the number of years you’ve been married. A special occasion like your 25th silver anniversary could also be honoured by buying your wife sterling silver jewellery, while a 50th wedding anniversary would be the perfect excuse to buy your husband his first pair of gold cufflinks. For those who can proudly say they’ve been married for sixty years, our diamond cufflinks are the perfect way to honour such a significant anniversary. Made from sterling silver and featuring a diamond carefully placed in the centre, they would also be a meaningful gift for your partner’s birthday if they were born in April.

As England’s most well-established jewellery manufacturers, our experienced team can provide expert advice on how to choose the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one. For more information about the luxury products we offer or to find out more about our specialised personalisation service, please contact us or visit our bespoke jewellery webpage.