A subtle touch of luxury

Add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit with a stylish tie slide, luxurious lapel pin or bangle. A subtle touch of luxury as our accessories become an essential part of your daily attire.


Showcase your finest whiskies and spirits with a crystal decanter from Deakin & Francis that keep your alcohol safe and show off your personal tastes.

Large Black Umbrella With Skull Head Handle In Matte Black Finish


Keep the rain off you in style with our selection of the finest handcrafted small and large umbrellas featuring unique handle designs.

Lapel Pins

Lapel pins

Add a little personality and elegance to your jacket with our specially crafted lapel pins featuring a plethora of designs to suit all tastes.

Not just a brand name

At Deakin & Francis, we don’t just make cufflinks. We live and breathe cufflinks. Therefore, when you purchase any D&F product, you get much more than just a mass produced piece. You get a hand-crafted accessory, completely unique to you.

“I placed an order for Santa Cufflinks from Deakin and Francis, I have purchased cufflinks from Deakin and Francis previously the quality of the workmanship is excellent. These have been bought early for Christmas as I wear double cuff shirts all of the time for work, as these are delivered to work lots of people were asking to see them and where they were ordered from, I will be ordering more cufflinks from Deakin and Francis without a doubt, thanks for a great quality product. Great product, great range and the best quality, thank you!”

Stephen Groves

Make it bespoke

While we have a selection of accessories available to order, we can also create pieces based on your specifications to give you a truly original accessory that you can use everyday. Let us know what you want and we can show you what we can create.

More than just a customer

Every person who buys or commissions pieces from Deakin & Francis is more than just a customer to us. During the design process, we get to know you and your personality to create truly unique pieces that you will cherish forever.

Deakin&Francis is an example to follow for every company. They’ve managed to survive for almost two and a half centuries (and many more to come) by striving for perfection. This means not to stop innovating but also taking good care of the most classic pieces thus meeting the expectations of both, traditional and modern tastes.

Alejandro Manuel Arranz López

Handcrafted in England

Our desire to create stunning bespoke accessories has been passed down through generations. Since 1786, we have taken pride in every detail of each of our products. From initial idea to design and final creation, all of our products are meticulously hand-crafted in our Birmingham based factory in the United Kingdom. Based in the heart of Birmingham’s historic Jewelry Quarter, our workshop stands proud amongst some of the best jewelers and retail stores in the United Kingdom. Along with our flagship store in London’s iconic Piccadilly Arcade, the D&F brand represents the very best in quality British craftsmanship. Discover the full Deakin & Francis story.